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HER Number:848/1
Type of record:Archaeology
Name:Oakmere promontory fort


Oakmere is a univallate (single rampart) promontory hillfort enclosing an area approximately 0.9ha and overlooking the nearby lake. It is situated on a level glacial outwash of sands and gravels which surround Oakmere. The hillfort has a single bank and external ditch. The southern and northern sides of the fort are naturally defended by the steep drop down to the banks of the mere. In the centre of the rampart a narrow causeway 4.5m wide crosses the ditch. More recently, a modern gap had been made through the bank. The bank is approximately 200m in length and currently survives to a height of 2m. At present it is 30m wide as a result of spread by cultivation. The ditch is 18m wide and varies from 1.5m to 2.5m deep at the northern end.

The earliest excavation at Oakmere occurred in 1960 when a single trench was cut across the bank and ditch by Forde-Johnston. The excavations revealed that the rampart was made of a simple earth construction with a round-bottomed ditch some 2.5m deep.

The hillfort at Oakmere survives well despite of the fragile nature of its construction, the rampart and ditch are well defined and there is only shallow plough damage of the interior.

There has been little further investigation of the Oakmere hillfort with the exception of a survey by A.J. Ferguson in 1977. The survey suggested the variations in depth along the course of the ditch may have been as result of either in-filling or that the ditch was not finished.


Monument Types

  • BANK (EARTHWORK) (Iron Age - 800 BC to 42 AD)
  • DITCH (Iron Age - 800 BC to 42 AD)
  • HILLFORT (Iron Age - 800 BC to 42 AD)
  • SETTLEMENT (Iron Age - 800 BC to 42 AD)
Protected Status:Scheduled Monument 1013291: Oakmere Promontory Fort on the East Bank of Oakmere 300M North West of Corner Farm

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