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HER Number:1080/1/0
Type of record:Archaeology
Name:Roman fort, Harbutt's Field


Harbutt's Field was identified as the site of a Roman fort in the 18th and 19th centuries, though early excavations did not reveal any evidence of military occupation. The entire plan of fort has now been revealed by resistivity, magnetometry and aerial photography. The layout of the Fort is playing card shaped, rectangular with rounded corners. Entrances are visible in the middle of all 4 sides and the enclosure is surrounded by a single rampart and ditch. A number of further internal/external features are also in evidence. The site is a Scheduled Monument.

Forts were built to house auxiliary troops. At their simplest they consisted of eathwork banks with one or more ditches. They could be occupied over a long or short period of time. The fort at Middlewich is thought to have been built as a permanent structure around 70AD and occupied until 130AD.


Monument Types

  • FORT (Roman - 43 AD to 409 AD (?))
Protected Status:Scheduled Monument 1008460: King Street Roman Fort, Harbutt'S Field

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