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About the Historic Environment Record (HER)

The Historic Environment Record contains details of find-spots, buildings and archaeological sites. Some sites are known only from chance discoveries in the 19th century and will not always have precise locations. Those sites which have been discovered through modern excavation and survey will have very accurate locations.

Each record usually contains information from a variety of sources, including survey and excavation reports, local society journals, historic maps and aerial photographs. The information is sometimes contradictory as the discovery of new material often leads to re-interpretation. These records are constantly updated as new information is submitted to the HER.

If a site or building has any form of protection, a designations record will also exist.

Designation records

Where a site or building is protected, a designation record is created which contains a description which explains its significance to the Historic Environment.

Different forms of protection exist, some of which are statutory and will require consent from Historic England or the local planning authority before any work takes place within or in the vicinity of the site or building. Other designations are of “material consideration” in the planning process. To find out more about the different types of national and local designation and their role in the planning process, see Historic England's website


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Search results

The results of your search will be displayed in a list. For each record this includes the Historic Environment Record (HER) number and the name of the site.

To read a record, click on the HER number. Information provided includes details about location, status e.g. whether a site is a Scheduled Monument or a Listed Building, the date or period to which the site or find belongs, a short description, a list of sources and further reading.